Safe the Date Poster-Rhapsody in Rabun Gala, August 10, 2019

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Rhapsody in Rabun Announces 2019 Recipient

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RIR & RC Band Boosters Poster - Save the Date - 2018

2018 Chosen!

Clayton Tribune- January 2018 meeting - Rhapsody in Rabun chooses recipient for the 2018 Taste of the Mountains GALA. 

NCGP Receives $$$'s!

Clayton Tribune - September Meeting - Rhapsody in Rabun 2017 awards $37,000 to  The North Georgia Community Players. 

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Rabun Athletic Club Receives $$$'s!

Clayton Tribune-October Meeting-Rhapsody in Rabun 2016 awards $45,000 check to Rabun County Athletics Booster Club. 

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Feb 2016

Clayton Tribune-January Rhapsody in Rabun's meeting announces the chosen recipient for the 2016 Gala event....The Rabun County Athletics Booster Club. 

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The Food Bank Receives $$$'s!

Clayton Tribune-October, Rhapsody 2015

The Rhapsody in Rabun gala even that was held 9-14-15 raised $59,000.00 for The Food Bank of NE Georgia.

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Food Bank Poster


Clayton Tribune - July, Rhapsody 2015

Flyer display!

September 2015

Clayton Tribune-May, Rhapsody 2015

The Rhapsody in Rabun gala event to be held Monday September 14 at the Rabun County Civic Center will be a time of fine dining, live entertainment, dancing, silent and live auctions, and fun. Read more below!

Food Bank 2015

Clayton Tribune - May 1, 2015

Rhapsody in Rabun has helped to raise over 1.1 million dollars in its twenty-four years in order to aid local non-profit organizations.  Read more below! 

April 2015

Laurel Magazine - April: “Feeding Hope”

The Rhapsody 2015 theme and focus this year will benefit a new initiative under the auspices of the new satellite branch of the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia.  Read more below! 

2015 March

 Clayton Tribune March Announcement

The Rhapsody board is pleased to announce the selected recipient for the 2015 Rhapsody fundraiser gala event to be held later in the year.   

2014 Auction Insights:

As CPR members diligently work to gather donations, several vacation rentals grace the list. Get a sneak peak!

RIR & CPR are serving many families.

CPR, the Hands of Rabun The work of Community Partnership in Rabun County serves the needs of many families. Read More Below - March 2014. 

Rhapsody and CPR Begin Work Community Partnership of Rabun

Rhapsody and CPR Begin Work

Community Partnership of Rabun (CPR) County was announced in February as the recipient of the Rhapsody 2014 Gala Funds.