Our Past Recipients


The total $$$ raised since 1991 ... $1,375,215.20?

Some of the past projects?

  1. Build 2 houses
  2. Digitize Foxfire's archives
  3. Support cancer patients and their families
  4. Build a city park
  5. Support families dealing with abuse​
  6. Provide coats and shoes for children
  7. Support after-school care initiative
  8. Purchase band uniforms and equipment
  9. Expand medical facilities
  10. Provide needed equipment, props, and storage for theatre
  11. Purchase emergency room beds
  12. Build a community playground
  13. Expand after-school care to include academic support
  14. Offer reading program in public schools
  15. Purchase defibullators for emergency workers
  16. Support new county youth program
  17. Expand hospice care
  18. Build a house
  19. Build a Teaching Kitchen for The Food Bank of NE GA
  20. Purchase athletic uniforms and support student athletic needs
  21. Buy New & Update Theater equipment 
  22. Purchase Band Uniforms& Musical Instruments

Did you know?

Over 25 different Rabun County organizations have benefited from Rhapsody in Rabun's work!